Pilgrim’s Checklist

You should bring two pieces of baggage with you on the pilgrimage:

1. Baggage you will carry with you, such as a small backpack, to have with you each day.

You should pack the following items in the baggage that you will take with you: personal documents; money; a rosary; a mug; a raincoat; and something to cover your head – a hat, cap, headscarf, etc. (preferably of a bright color); and a small sleeping pad or something else to sit on during breaks from walking. It is also recommended to bring wet wipes and sunscreen with UV filters.

2. Baggage that will be transported in a truck during the day and will be given to you in the evening (such as a large backpack or a carryon bag)

You should pack the following items in the baggage that will be transported by truck:

a) Camping gear:
– a tent
– a sleeping bag and/or blankets
– a sleeping pad (or mattress)
– dishes, a mug, and silverware
– for safety reasons, please do not bring gas cylinders with you

b) Clothing:
– cotton underwear (elastic underwear can cause blisters)
– at least ten pairs of cotton socks
– shirts, shorts (preferably no higher than up to the knees, as is specified in the rulebook)
– sweatpants, a warm sweater, or polar
– two pairs of comfortable shoes that you have walked many miles in

c) Hygienic equipment:
– two towels
– basic toiletries
– a small bowl for washing
– toilet paper

d) Medicine:
– Your own medicines
– Two elastic bands
– Band-Aids for blisters
– It is also worth bringing gels for muscles and joints, such as Fastum or Voltaren Emulgel

e) Other useful tools:
– A flashlight
– Mosquito and bug spray
– A needle and thread
– A pen and paper (to write down intentions for the rosary, for example)
– Foot powder
– Garbage bags

It is recommended to pack all items separately in plastic or foil bags in order to protect them from rain.

Baggage Transported by Truck

  • Baggage must be identified in a visible place, preferably on a tag, with the name of the owner and number of his or her group
  • Pieces of baggage cannot be tied together with string; this makes it difficult for them to be loaded onto the truck
  • Sharp and glass objects that are a safety hazard cannot be placed in the baggage


One should provide for one’s own food. The appropriate services provide pilgrims with basic food (bread, drinks, grocery items, etc.). This is available during every break from walking as well as in the place where pilgrims spend the night.