This year’s retreat on the road will take place under the slogan: GO AND PREACH THE GOSPEL! This pastoral program will also encompass topics related to the hundredth anniversary of the Marin apparitions in Fatima, the hundredth anniversary of the death of St. Albert Chmielowski, and the 300th anniversary of the coronation of the image of Mary, Queen of Poland. In addition to their own personal intentions, pilgrims will also pray for the intentions of Pope Francis and the Archdiocese of Wroclaw.


  • The pilgrimage will leave the Wroclaw cathedral on Wednesday August 2 at 6:00 in the morning. Meanwhile, our arrival at Jasna Góra and the image of Our Lady is planned to take place on Thursday August 10 at 9:00. The Mass concluding the pilgrimage will take place on the Jasna Góra embankments at 11:00.
  • In order to be able to participate in the pilgrimage, one must:
    • Sign up in his or her parish (the parish priest will give details) or at the student ministry up through the end of July.
    • Completely abstain from drinking alcohol and using tobacco products during the pilgrimage.
    • Refrain from spending the night with members of the opposite sex.
    • Follow the commands of the pilgrimage guide and his collaborators.
    • Accept all the difficulties related to going on a pilgrimage in a spirit of penance.


  • Minors can participate in the pilgrimage only with a legal guardian.
  • Pilgrims spend the nights in tents, so it is necessary to bring a tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad.
  • Transported baggage must be clearly identified with the owner’s address and group number.
  • All items should be packed in foil or plastic bags.
  • On the road, pilgrims can purchase bread, dairy products, and basic groceries.
  • For safety reasons, please remember to have with you information about prescription medicines and a document attesting to your health insurance.

Main Guide Rev. Stanisław Orzechowski
Organizers of the XXXVII PPWr.